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Our Team

Meir Stralhberg


Miami lacks mountains, and there's not such great snow, but both are loved by Meir. After being caught in an avalanche while Heli-Boarding in Cordova, AK, he had a vision for the company name. When not overseeing Avalanche's direction, he can be found up close at rock concerts, collecting vintage guitars, and hustling tourists in billiards like Tom Cruise in The Color of Money. Meir spearheads acquisitions, business development, and design. With a degree from Baruch College in Marketing & Advertising, he originally thought of becoming an ad agency's Creative Director, and often ponders why he mainly spends his time writing silly Bio’s like the ones on this page.

Kris Covino


As a teen Kris was a shining star in the sport of soccer, and often dreams of what it would be like to share the pages of Sports Illustrated with David (or Victoria) Beckham. These days he’s a proud father of 3, and when he’s not taking the kids to soccer practice, or ballet, he’s running the technical side of Avalanche. Kris oversees all programming, IT, and customer support. He enjoys the moniker, Chief of Thinking, and these days he can’t stop thinking about mobile technology. Prior to the internet Kris was a promoter and a pioneer of rave parties, and even though he doesn’t party like a rock star anymore, he still loves listening to Jungle music on his commute to the office.

Peder Sahlin


Yes, it’s Peder with a D, not a T. Peder hails from Sweden, a land known for safe automobiles, beautiful blonde women, and producing brilliant number crunchers. Peder holds a bachelor and master’s degrees in accounting, and is a licensed CPA. His career has ranged from privately held entrepreneurial companies, to public fortune 500 companies. Peder favors Hawaiian shirts, and we don’t think we’ve seen him wearing the same shirt twice. When he’s not photographing birds in the swamps of South Florida, or sailing on Florida’s coast, he can be found overseeing the financial side of Avalanche. He supplies management with daily and monthly reporting, works with our friendly auditors, and ensures that our clients are always paid on time.

Carlos Ealdama

Director of Marketing

Each morning Carlos navigates the scary streets of Miami, weaving his fixed gear bike, which he built himself, between sleepy drivers, who are either texting, or are late to work, and yelling profanities in Spanish. Carlos oversees the Marketing department, and when he’s not in the boxing gym beating up the heavy bag, he’s in the office, getting beaten up by affiliates vying for higher payouts. He oversees all media buying and makes sure that our clients are well taken care of. He collects soul records from the 70’s, and has an impressive collection of vintage sneakers. Yes, he’s a sneaker addict with over 100 pairs of Nikes, but he’s considering checking himself into rehab, so that he can start saving for his newborn son’s college tuition.

Erica Roth

Senior Affiliate Manager

If Erica were not so passionate about internet marketing, and if she were over 6 feet tall, and a dude, she’d be a professional basketball player. She’s obsessed with the Miami Heat, and currently has a restraining order put on her by Lebron James who she’s been stalking since he was traded from Cleveland. Erica’s also a Hurricane fan, and a graduate of the University of Miami with a double major in Marketing and Public Relations. When she’s not watching romantic comedies, or Jonah Hill movies, she’s blogging about them for Jewcier’s social media. She manages Avalanche’s affiliate marketing, and ensures that our media buys are trafficked, and profitable. Originally from Baltimore, MD, Erica is loving Miami and when she’s not figuring out the best clubs to go dancing at, she’s helping arrange Avalanche’s corporate events.

Evelyn Fornell

Affiliate Account Representative

Evelyn always makes sure there are inspirational quotes written on the white board every week. Stuff like “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” We’re not exactly sure what these quotes mean sometimes, but we think that’s she’s pretty cool for writing them. Evelyn has a healthy obsession with Pinterest, and adores her cute, and very loyal Shih Tzu named Cookie. She comes from a Cuban background and this makes her highly qualified to oversee the user experience, and social media for our Latin brands Amor and Corazon.com. Evelyn also divides her time between web research, and overseeing our Facebook ad campaigns. And when she’s not being chased by affiliates who want new custom banners, she can be found chasing down food trucks in downtown Miami.

Marlon Richardson

Senior Designer

When Marlon’s not cropping or chopping images, he’s capturing new ones. He uses both digital cameras, as well as film. Old school! Suffice it to say that he’s super passionate about photography; we think that he has an unhealthy obsession reading the B&H catalog. Marlon is responsible for all site design including UI, the corporate image, and he also oversees our custom photo shoots. To keep in shape, Marlon boxes 5 days a week, and is a force to be reckoned with in the famous 5th street gym. We’d be upset if he gave up his job as a graphic designer in exchange for a career as a pro boxer, but we’d still love to sponsor him, and have the Date.com logo appear on his trunks.